What You Can Expect 

Capitol has a rich history of success. At Capitol, you can expect a top notch educational experience, from a nationally renowned school, all while having a great time doing so. Yes, this is a fun environment to learn in, but it is also very difficult and takes true commitment. We are looking for very serious students. We have strict rules and expect the best of our staff and students.


Just like our diverse clientele, our student body is very diverse and we like it that way. The relationships you build during school will be lifelong, not only with your fellow students, but also your instructors, staff, & clients. This isn’t your boring sit down and take notes school. We have you working hands-on as early and often as possible.

Opportunities: We offer our students and alumni several unique experiences.

  • Job Placement

  • Curriculum that includes Art Studies, Salon Ownership, & Personal Finance

  • Creative direction in the hair industy’s most prestigious competition, NAHA, the North American Hairstyling Awards.

  • Makeup & hair design for for many local fashion shows, including Omaha Fashion Week

  • Our own student-run fashion show, Christmas @ Capitol, 25 years running

  • Education from Internationally known educators including Luis Alvarez, co-founder of Aquage, NAHA winner Shawna Parvin, & National Aquage Education Training Manager Theresa Elmore

  • Community service events

  • Help with Housing

  • Regional & National beauty shows


At Capitol we love our Alumni

We stay very active with our Alumni. We estimate we had over 600 people to our most recent event! Our alumni are so passionate about this industry and how β€œBeauty Changes Lives” that they helped us raise over $250,000 for the Lyal McCaig Image Recovery Center!

Our alumni are very successful and many happen to own salons all over the country. They love to come back to Capitol to recruit our upcoming graduates. Capitol Alums come back to school to share their knowledge with our students about salon ownership or just showing them different techniques. It is very powerful for our students to learn from someone that was in their shoes very recently, but who has experienced success due to the hard work they’ve put in while in school and after graduation.

And, Our Future Alumni!

Join Us for Trial & Hair!

Open to all High School Students and Future Students!

Gain FREE hands on training, learn about the industry and get a REAL feel for Captiol’s amazing culture!

Call Chelsea @ 402.333.3329 Ext 2 to learn more or use the link below to register for our next session!