How can I afford this?

Aimee Moats earned our $10,000 Elite Scholarship! We’ve recently been giving away 2-3 Elite Scholarships a year!

Aimee Moats earned our $10,000 Elite Scholarship! We’ve recently been giving away 2-3 Elite Scholarships a year!

Prospective students and parents often ask what options are available to help pay for Cosmetology School or Esthetics School.  In fact, it is the most asked question we get in the Admissions Office.

Registration and Kit costs ($1,000) must be paid up front to reserve your spot in class.  Keep in mind you will use the tools in your kit for years to come both in school and in the professional salon and spa.

Capitol offers many options to help you cover the other costs of school:

  • Remaining costs can be split into monthly, quarterly, or up-front payments, interest-free.

  • Scholarships – Capitol offers an in-house scholarship based on your entrance exam grade.  Elite Scholarships are available for our Cosmetology and Esthetics Programs in the form of a post-graduation check written to the exemplary students who have met the high goals we have set for them.  Read below for more information.

  • Loans and Grants are available to those who qualify, based on your FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  If you’d like to see what you qualify for, visit and when given the option, select IRS Data Retrieval Tool.  Manually entering financial/tax information is highly discouraged, as this will usually cause an error in your application.  We are able to help you fill out this application as well.

  • VA or GI Bill Benefits are available to those who have served our country and their family members.  Capitol is fully accredited and we have several students who utilize this option.

  • Outside Scholarships – our Admissions Director, Chelsea, has some great outside scholarship resources available! Feel free to call or email her @

Elite Scholarships

The Capitol Elite Program was developed to highlight and honor top-achieving students who have gone above and beyond the standard graduation requirements.  To apply to become “Capitol Elite,” students must earn high service dollar figures and retail sales, as well as maintain excellent grades and over 97% attendance.  Once they’ve submitted their resume and application essay, they’ll have a scheduled interview with the Capitol Elite Board..

Among the many benefits of being a Capitol Elite Student is the possibility of earning a huge scholarship post graduation!  The Elite Scholarships available are:

  • $2,000 Esthetics Elite Scholarship

  • $3,000 Bronze Cosmetology Elite Scholarship

  • $5,000 Silver Cosmetology Elite Scholarship

  • $10,000 Gold Cosmetology Elite Scholarship

Stehno Scholarship

Named after Vi Stehno, the School’s second owner, we offer a $500 Scholarship for all Cosmetology students earning an 86 or higher on the entrance test. Estheticians can earn a $250 Scholarship.  This score must be achieved on the first attempt at the test and will have grade point average and attendance stipulations attached to it.  Capitol has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to its students throughout the years.

Entrance Exam

One common question asked is, “What is on the Entrance Test?!!?” The thought of a test conjures up fear in the bravest of us.  Our Entrance Exam is nothing to be scared of and basically consists of common-knowledge questions.  You do need to achieve an 80% or higher in a maximum of two attempts in order to be eligible to enroll at Capitol.

Below are some examples of the questions you can expect:

Vocabulary: Read each question carefully & select the word that is closest in meaning.

Example: Calm means most nearly:

1. excite     2. turmoil     3. serene    4. fatigue

Word Series:  Determine which word does not belong.

Example: 1. book    2. magazine    3. letter    4. lamp    5. newspaper

Word Associations: Complete the word analogy correctly.

Example: Cosmetologist is to Woman as Barber is to:

1. ladies    2. horses    3. man    4. actress

Color Perception:

Example: If you were overweight, which color would make you look heavier?

1. dark grey    2. white    3. black    4. dark brown

Basic Math:

Example: .50 + 1/2 =

A. 1 1/2       B.   3        C. 1         D. 2.5